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Library Regulations


Leagan Gaeilge ar fáil sa roghchlár ‘Gaeilge’ ag barr an leathanaigh.


1) All registered staff and students of the TU Dublin are entitled to use library services. Other categories of user may be admitted according to the TU Dublin City Campus library policy on external readers. The university reserves the right to refuse admission to the library.


2) All users must have a current TU Dublin City Campus identity card or library card, which must be produced when borrowing library materials, and at any other time on request.


3) The person registered on the ID card or Library card is responsible for all material borrowed on that card. ID cards and library cards are not transferable. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Faculty Office which issued the card.


4) All materials borrowed from the library must be returned by the due date and time. Borrowers with overdue material may not be permitted to borrow additional items, or renew other items, until all overdue items are returned. Fines may be levied on overdue items.


5) Users are liable for the cost of replacement or repair of all material lost, damaged or defaced by them while in their possession or while on loan to them.


6) Unauthorised removal or attempted removal of any item from the library will be regarded by the university as a serious offence.


7) Library users must refrain from behaviour that would cause a disturbance to other users. The library is a study area and noise must be kept to a minimum.


8) Smoking and eating in the library are forbidden. Users should not bring food into the library.


9) Mobile phones, mp3 players, etc must be switched off, and may not be used, within the library.


10) Any online database, journal, ebook or other information resource licensed to TU Dublin City Campus must be used in accordance with the terms of individual licence agreements.


11) All users of the university’s photocopying equipment are required to comply with the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 when making photocopies from material that enjoys copyright protection. Failure to comply may expose the person to potential civil liability and to the institute's disciplinary procedures.


12) Items left on university property are left entirely at the owner's risk. The university accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage to or theft of such items, howsoever caused.


13) Breach of these regulations may lead to disciplinary procedures being invoked, including disciplinary procedures specified in the institute’s regulations governing student activity.


14) Library staff are authorised to take appropriate action to ensure that all library users comply with these regulations. Users are required to comply with directions from library staff. Users are required to co-operate fully with any requests made by any member of the library staff to allow the items in the possession of the user to be inspected, and failure to render such co-operation will be regarded as a serious offence.


Student Regulations


Student Regulations are posted on the TU Dublin City Campus website: click here to view. Your attention is drawn to the section headed ‘Penalties – Implications and Penalties arising from Non-Payment of Fees’ on page 9 of the TU Dublin City Campus Student Registration & Fees Policy.