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Services for Students with disabilities

Assistive technology for students with disabilities

TU Dublin City Campus has two Assistive Technology Officers, providing AT training and supervision for Northside and Southside Campus students. The Assistive Technology Training room in Aungier Street Library.  Training and one-to-one appointments with your AT Officer are available by appointment. Please see our Contacts Page for details of our AT Officers.

TU Dublin City Campus provides computers with specialised software available for students with dyslexia at all libraries.

AT and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs)

Here at TU Dublin City Campus we have a significant number of students with Specific Learning Difficulties. A variety of tools are available to assist these students, including:

Recording Devices

Electronic dictionaries

Specialised software

Texthelp’s Read&Write Gold is the primary software package designed to provide help to computer users with reading and writing difficulties. It can read text aloud and helpyou construct words and sentences. Other features include advanced spell checking, document scanning, screen reading, Internet tools, pronunciation facilities, and saving text as an audio file. For Read&Write Video Training guides please visit the TextHelp website here: Read&Write Gold is also available on many of the computers in TU Dublin’s libraries. Training in Read&Write Gold is available by appointment from our AT Officers.

AT and Visual Impairment

A range of equipment and software is available for visually impaired students: Reading can be facilitated with the aid of JAWS screen reading software and the use of texts translated into Braille. Software is used to scan text onto a computer for students to access. This software can reproduce the text aurally for the student to listen to. ZoomText software is also available; this allows the magnification of text for the visually impaired student.

Other software and hardware are available, depending on the needs of the student; this can include (e.g.) CCTV.

Alternative Formats

Students can also avail of in-house scanning and editing of materials and texts. Content can also be converted and reproduced as a Braille printout for students via our Braille printer.

Assistive Technology Service

Disability Support Services

Tel: +353 1 220 5008/5097