Arrow@dit is a database of publications and research outputs by staff and students of DIT. This material is organised and made available in full-text format on the World Wide Web. All material is free to download provided it is attributed to the author and is for non-commercial use.

Arrow is an institutional archive or repository as well as a method of dissemination. Our objective is to preserve a permanent record of the research activity of the Institution.

DIT has an official policy supporting Open Access Research. It can be accessed here. In having such a policy, we contribute to the fast and efficient dissemination of research by making its results freely available.

You can find a short article on the Open Access philosophy at this link.

Arrow@dit is now being harvested by Rian: The National Portal for Research in Ireland.

Participation in Arrow

Participation in Arrow is open to all members of DIT. Joining the fastest growing repository in the country is just a matter of registering.

v.gifClick Join Arrow for a short video demonstration and click How to join Arrow for instructions on how to register.  

The demo requires Flash Player. If you need to install Flash, click the image below to get the latest version.


Arrow submission

Material can be submitted to Arrow in a number of formats, some of which the system may convert to PDF. The submission process is very straightforward.

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Arrow@dit is acting as a publisher for the Institute and therefore must be aware of copyright and compliance issues. A Copyright factsheet is available. For all submissions, the Arrow administrator will check to ensure compliance with publishers' policies on open access.

Authors are reminded that copyright of their material is a valuable property right that they should be reluctant to give away to publishers. At the very least, seek permission to lodge a copy of your material on Arrow.

Should you have any queries or concerns or require further demonstration of the system please feel free to contact us.


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