Our purchasing section acquires resources for the College Libraries. This means that all books, journals, DVDs, videos, electronic resources and music scores are bought, processed and catalogued centrally.

The CSU is responsible for liasing with site libraries and vendors, following up on orders, verifying and processing incoming resources, preparing regular updates and maintaining records of all purchases. Purchasing staff use appropriate accounting principles and manage the budget on the Millennium Library System.

For further information with internal purchase requests, please contact Eleanor Doyle at 4027811, or Marie Campbell at 4027809.


Vendor records are created by the purchasing staff. If you would like to use a new vendor for a credit card order please contact Eleanor Doyle at the number listed above.

Placing an order

Orders are made using “on hold” requests from the College Libraries. In order to ensure that we fulfil orders as speedily as possible, please assist us by confirming the following information before submitting a request:

  • All bibliographical details are correct.
  • Author, Title and ISBN details have been provided.
  • The correct location and budget code have been used.
  • Price information is accurate and in the correct currency.
  • Number of copies is correct.
  • Notes to the vendor are completed in the "V" field.
  • Please ensure, when possible, that European editions are ordered rather than American editions.

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e-book orders

When ordering e-books, please use your e-book fund. The system is set up for multi-user licences. However if a single-user licence is required, please insert 'Single user licence required' in the vendor note ("V") field.

v.gif CLICK HERE  to see a completed e-book order. 

Orders purchased by credit card

Please order using the relevant credit card fund and insert the website URL for the item in the internal note ("Z") field.

Procedure for ordering non-book material on credit card: Permission for the purchase of non-book material must be obtained from the Head of Library Services.  A B12 form must be completed, authorised by the Manager of the CSU and signed by the Head of Library Services.  All documentation must be attached to the B12 form and is kept on file by the Manager of the Central Services Unit.


Please remember that some orders incur VAT in addition to the price of the item.


DVD, video and electronic material..........23%

Music scores..........9%

Order follow-up and claims

Once the order is processed by the vendor, the item is delivered or we receive a status report indicating that the order is “Out of Print”, “Not Yet Published”, or “Delayed”. If no report is received, reminders are sent to the vendor. If the item has not been received in a 12 month period, the order is automatically cancelled. In some cases an out of print search is conducted by the vendor.

Staff can see the status of an order by viewing it in the Staff Acquisitions Module. Order updates are posted daily to the library system. We encourage you to keep track of your orders and to contact us if there are any problems or delays.


Please note that only purchasing staff can amend and cancel orders once an order has been sent to the vendor (status "0"). If you would like to make changes to an order please contact Eleanor Doyle or Marie Campbell.

Priority service

A Fast Track service is only used for urgently needed material as discounts do not apply. However, if you wish to use this service, please complete the form below and email it to Eleanor Doyle at Eleanor.doyle@dit.ie, or Marie Campbell at marie.campbell@dit.ie.

v.gif CLICK HERE to download the Fast Track form.


New books list

New books lists are compiled in the first week of every month. Please note that Aungier Street and Mountjoy Square lists are organized by Dewey number while others are arranged alphabetically.