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Endnote is a free bibliographic research and formatting product available to library patrons.

Users can manage their references, cite and create bibliographies. The “Cite While you Write” facility creates in-text references and bibliographies instantly in MS Word. 

References are stored online in the U.S. (Subject to Homeland Security laws of the U.S)

Read Getting started with Endnote or view the guides on the right.

Your library also provides training. 


Accessing Endnote

To access EndNote Web, users should access from any TU Dublin - City Campus computer and fill in the online registration form.    

Users who have previously set up a Web of Science (Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index) account can simply log in at using that username and password. 

Read Getting started with Endnote or contact your local site library for training. 


Why Would I use Endnote ?

Endnote  is available on any computer with internet access, so you can use EndNote  when you cannot access a university computer.

If you also use one of the desktop versions of Endnote (x8 current v), you can back your Endnote library up by saving it to Endnote Web. It is also recommended that you back your Endnote library up onto another source such as a memory key.