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How many items can I borrow? Library collections
Borrowing a book using Self Service        Laptop Loans
Renewing books Returning books to the library
Reserving books Borrowing for friends

All registered DIT students and staff may borrow from any DIT library.
Students & staff require a valid ID card, available from the
Registrations Office, to borrow books from the library. 

How many items can I borrow?

Library membership is divided up into various categories as outlined
1. Undergraduate students – 6 items for 14 days
2. Taught Postgraduates – 10 items for 28 days
3. Research Postgraduates – 10 items for 90 days 
4. Staff – 15 items for 90 days
5. External Readers (Open to DIT graduates & retired staff) – 2 items
    for 14 days 

Library collections

1. Main Lending – 14, 28 or 90 days depending on student / staff
    categories above 
2. DVD collection – 7 days. Maximum of two DVDs can be borrowed
   at a time.
3. Library Use Only - for use only in the Library
4. Journals – Print Journals are kept on the upper floor of the Library
    and are for Library use only.

Borrowing a book using Self Service

To borrow a book, open the book at the page with the barcode on the top centre. Place the open book on the V shaped tray. Scan your card by holding it in front of the blue scanner on the right of the monitor. Press Borrow on the touch screen. Listen for the 'clunk' noise which indicates that the book has been desensitised. Scan any further books you wish to borrow. Press Finish and remember to take your receipt to remind you of the date your book is due for return to the Library.

Renewing books

Books from the Main Lending collection can be renewed only ONCE provided:
1. No other library user has reserved that book/s,
2. The book/s is not overdue, or
3. The book/s has not been renewed before. 
There are a number of ways to renew books on your account:
1. Online: Go to, select MY ACCOUNT and login to your Account using your ID Number and PIN. Click on items currently checked out and select the ones to be renewed.
2. Ring the library at 01-4023068 and give library staff your student number / staff  number and the details of the books to be renewed.
3. Contact the Ask a Librarian service and provide details of your student number / staff  number and of the books to be renewed.
4. Bring the books to the self service machines or to the Service Point.

Returning books to the library

1. During normal opening hours, books should be returned at one of the self service machines.
2. When the library is closed, books may be placed in the book return box outside the library entrance.
3. Books may also be sent back to the library by registered post.
Any fines on books left in the book return box / sent by post will remain on your account until you pay them in person or post us a cheque.

Laptop Loans

1. Aungier Street library has laptops that can be borrowed for 3 hours but the can only be used in the library - ask at the desk for more details.

2. Laptops are configured to logon automatically, they also automatically connect to Eduroam

3. You can print from these laptops.

Reserving Books

Only Main Lending Books currently out on loan may be reserved.  DVDs cannot be reserved.

To reserve a book:

1. Search for the book in the library catalogue. If it has a DUE DATE it can be reserved. If an item comes up as Available, Billed, Lost or Worn Out, it cannot be reserved as it is either available in the library, missing or lost.
2. Click on the Request button and enter your ID number and PIN.
3.  If there is more than one copy of the book out on loan, you can select any one of these – where possible limit your request to Aungier Street books.
4. Alternatively, visit the library and ask staff at the Service point to reserve the book(s) you need.

When the item you have reserved becomes available for you to collect, the library will send an email notification to your DIT email account. The library will also contact you by phone if you have provided the library with a telephone number. Please ensure that the library has correct contact details for you.

Borrowing for friends

Student and Staff ID cards are non-transferable. You are solely responsible for any items borrowed on your account.

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