Group study room

Students are encouraged to keep noise to a minimum in the library. However, if you need to work in a group, a group study room is available. The room is WiFi enabled.

The room can be booked by:

  • asking at the library counter.
  • ringing the library on 01 402 4424 or 01 402 4423.
  • filling out the form below. A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided.

Rules for use of the group study room

  • The study room can be booked for one or two hour time slots.
  • Groups must have a minimum of three people to book the study room.
  • A maximum of six people are allowed in the study room at any given time.
  • The person who booked the study room must hand over their student card at the library counter before using the room.
  • The person who booked the study room is responsible for the behaviour of the group and the state of the room after use.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the study room.

Booking form for the group study room


Student ID Number*:

Other group members*:


Email address* (for confirmation):

To submit your response, click on the Send button.
To clear the form, click on the Reset button.

*Denotes required field
**These slots are not available on Thursday or Fridays
Please note that bookings will not be confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from us.

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