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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the opening hours of Grangegorman library?

Term Time Opening Hours Out of Term Opening Hours
Mon- Thurs 9:30-9:30 Mon- Fri 9:30-5:15
Friday 9:30-5:15 Saturday- Closed
Saturday* 10am-5pm  

*Please see for information about the opening hours of all the DIT libraries (including the specific Saturdays that we are open).

Q: How do I find the book I want in the library?

To find the book that you are looking for go to the catalogue and search for the book by title or author. The result will tell you: 1. what library the book is in, 2. where it is on the shelf (call number), and 3. whether it is available or not. Take a note of the call number- this is how you will locate the book on the shelf. Each book has a call number (also known as 'class number' or 'Dewey number'). We use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to arranage books by subjects. This means that you should find books on the same or similar subjects on the same shelf or nearby. Remember that there may be many different titles at the same call number so you will need to look for your specific title once you have found the area that the call number is in.

Q: What does location "Grangegorman Store" mean?

Some of our least borrowed books, and journals and dissertations that are more than 5 years old are in held in a store off campus. These items are still available but you will have to fill out a form at the issue desk to request them. They will then be brought over from the store and will be available for you in the library. It may take up to 2 days to retrieve an item in store.

Please note that items in store still follow the same borrowing rules. Journals and dissertations cannot be borrowed or taken outside the library.

Q: What can I borrow and for how long?

See Borrowing

Q: What do I need to borrow an item?

To borrow something from the library you need a valid student or staff card. Simply present the card at the issue desk and we will issue the item to you.

Q: What if I want to use the Self Service machine?

To borrow a book touch the Borrow button on the screen and scan your ID card. Open the book at the page with the barcode. Place the book in the 'V' and slowly move it forward until the red scanning light reads the barcode and you hear a 'clunk'. Press Finish. 

To return a book touch the Return button on the screen. Open the book at the page with the barcode. Place the book in the 'V' and slowly move it forward until the red scanning light reads the barcode and you hear a 'clunk'. Press Finish. Please hand the returned books in at the issue desk

Q: How often can I renew a book?

There is one renewal on books borrowed. There are no renewals on Videos, DVDs and week loans.

Q: How do I put a hold on a book that is on loan?

See Holds. If you having trouble placing a hold on an item please feel free to come to the issue desk or call us and we will help you. Remember you cannot put a hold on a book that is available.

Q: What are the fines for overdue books?

See Fines

Q: How do I access My Library Account?

Go to MyLibrary and enter your student/staff number and then your Library PIN. Your library account holds all the information about what books you have out, when they are due back, and what fines (if any) are owed. You can also place a hold on a book that is out at the moment, or renew your books (provided they are not overdue).

Q: What is my Library PIN?

Your Library PIN is unique to the library and is not set up automatically. See Library PIN to create a unique PIN. You use your PIN to access all the electronic resources when you are outside DIT, and to access your library account.

Q: How do I change my library PIN?

If you want to change your Library PIN simply log in to My Library and select Modify PIN from the tabs on the left. If you have forgotten your PIN follow the instructions here

Q: How do I log on to the computers in the library?

Your username is your student/staff number and your password is your 8 digit date of birth (for staff, your password is your staff number).

Q: How do I log on to the printers/photocopiers?

Your username is your student/staff number and your PIN is a 4 digit PIN (and NOT your date of birth). If you haven't changed your PIN, or if it is your first time using the photocopying/printing service, your PIN is 1234. Information about the photocopying/printing service is available here

Q: How do I change my PIN for the printers/photocopiers?

If you want to change your PIN go to and log in. Click on the Setup tab and you can enter a new PIN here. If you have forgotten your PIN you will need to contact or 087 6243514

Q: How do I print?

For a step by step guide to printing see Printing

Q: How do I photocopy?

For a step by step guide to photocopying see Photocopying

Q: Can I print from my laptop?

Yes, mobile printing is available with the Datapac system. You will need to install drivers onto your laptop (you will only have to do this once). Go to and click on the link to Mobile Printing. Once you download the drivers you will be able to use your laptop like the desktops in the library and should be able to select a printer and send your job from your laptop to the printers. See How to set up printing from your laptop for a step by step guide.

Q: Can I borrow a laptop from the library?

Yes, the library has 15 laptops that are available to borrow on a 3 hour loan for use in the library. Printing* and wireless internet access is available from these laptops. You must use a usb key/memory stick to save any work done on the laptops as you will not be able to save to any of the drives on the machine. To borrow a laptop simply come up to issue desk with your student card.

Please note that Laptops cannot be taken out of the library. For more information see Laptop Loans

Q: I think I have lost a book on my account, what do I do?

If you have lost a book that you borrowed you will have to pay the cost of replacing the book. You should first have a good look at home/at college for the book as it may turn up. If it doesn't, come up to the issue desk and we can give you the exact replacement cost. Remember you will not be able to borrow any more items while you have fines of more than €3 on your account.

Q: How do I access the electronic resources from outside DIT?

To access the databases, e-journals, e-books and any other electronic resources (including your library account) outside DIT you will need your student/staff number and Library PIN

Q: How do I access an e-book?

See Ebooks. You will need your student/staff number and library PIN to access the Ebooks from outside DIT.

Q: How do I look for a dissertation?

To look for an undergraduate dissertation go to the catalogue and select Subject search from the dropdown list. Type in dissertations dit grangegorman and you should see a list of course titles. Click on the relevant course title and you should see a list of all the dissertations from that course. To look for masters theses do a Subject search for theses dit grangegorman. To look for the BA Social Care Research Portfolios do a Subject search for research portfolios dit mountjoy square

Q: How do I access previous exam papers?

To access previous exam papers go to the catalogue, click on the Exam Papers tab at the bottom of the page. Then click on the link to Recent exam papers, scroll down to the College of Arts and Tourism Grangegorman and you should see a link to all our previous exam papers here. Please note you will be asked for a separate username and password to access the exam papers from outside DIT. See Passwords.

Q: I want to look at an article/book that is not available in DIT, what can I do?

See Visiting other libraries

Q: The article/book is not available in any Irish colleges, what can I do?

If you cannot find what you are looking for in DIT or other college libraries then you can order the article or book on Inter Library Loan. Inter Library Loan is a service where we get a photocopy of the article or loan of the book for you (usually from the British Library). There is a charge for this service. See Inter Library Loans for more information.

Q: Can I use the library after I graduate?

Yes, you can use the library for reference purposes only after you graduate. If you want to be able to borrow books after you graduate you will need to join the library as an external reader. To do this you need to first join the Graduate Network (free to join). See External Reader below

Q: What is an external reader?

See External Readers

Q: I am not a DIT student or staff member, can I use the library?

Yes, for references purposes only. Visitors to the library must have a Letter of Introduction from their home library and must come up to the Issue Desk on entry to the library. They should also have their Student ID with them. Students/staff from other colleges will be allowed to look at the paper resources available in the library. You can also create a guest photocopying account if you need to photocopy material. You will not be able to borrow any books.


*A4 black & white printing only.


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