Print Art and Design Journals D-F

Journal Title Link to OPAC Record
 Design Issues  Catalogue record
 Design Journal  Catalogue record
 Design Studies  Catalogue record
 Design Week  Catalogue record
 Digit: the magazine for digital creatives  Catalogue record
 Digital Arts  Catalogue record
 Domus: architecture, design, art, communication  Catalogue record
 Éire-Ireland  Catalogue record
 Elle Decoration (English edition)  Catalogue record
 Émigré  Catalogue record
 European Photography  Catalogue record
 Eye: international review of graphic design  Catalogue record
 Fiberarts  Catalogue record
 Fine Woodworking  Catalogue record
 FIRA news  Catalogue record
 Flash Art  Catalogue record
 Form  Catalogue record
 Frame: the international magazine of interior architecture and design  Catalogue record
 Frieze  Catalogue record
 Furniture History  Catalogue record
 Furniture World  Catalogue record
 FX: design, business, society  Catalogue record

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