Print Art and Design Journals G-J

Journal Title Link to OPAC Record
Graphis  Catalogue record
Highlight: das Fachmagazin der Lichtbranche  Catalogue record
Human Communication Research  Catalogue record
ID: magazine of international design  Catalogue record
Idea: international graphic art  Catalogue record
In/Print  Catalogue record
Inspiration  Catalogue record
Interior Design  Catalogue record
InteriorFashion  Catalogue record
The International Journal of Art and Design Education  Catalogue record
International Journal of Arts Management  Catalogue record
Irish Arts Review  Catalogue record
@Issue: journal of business and design  Catalogue record
The Journal of Aesthetic Education  Catalogue record
The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism  Catalogue record
Journal of Communication  Catalogue record
Journal of Design History  Catalogue record
Journal of Interior Design  Catalogue record

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