The Research Process

Expanding your Research-

  • What about Journals?- A journal is an academic magazine (sometimes referred to as a Periodical or Serial). The latest research on a topic is reported in journals, usually printed on a monthly basis. Journal articles are subject specific and report on original research. The author(s) will also refer to other relevant papers that were used in its preparation. These "references" are collected and listed at the end of the article and can be useful in pointing you in the direction of more information on a specific topic. New issues of a journal are displayed alphabetically by title along the right hand side of the library. Older issues are bound in hardback books further down on the same side. Please note that some older issues, mostly those 5 years and older, are kept in storage off campus. Please ask at the issue desk for further information.

We also subscribe to hundreds of electronic journals (including many online versions of our print journals). These are available through the ejournals page.

For more information on searching for journals please see the guide below.

How to Search for Journal Articles- Criminology

  • And Databases, what are they?- Databases are collections of articles/conference papers/reports on a particular subject area. They provide a short summary of the article (the abstract) and some databases provide links to the full text of the article (i.e. a pdf of the entire article that you can print out). To choose a relevant database click on the Database section of the Criminology Resources page. To see a list of all our Databases click here

Please note that you will need specific usernames and passwords to access the electronic resources when outside DIT. For more information see Off Campus Access


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