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e‌Resources for Languages Undergraduates    

How to access library resources off campus

Getting Started

New: Find it Faster

To access relevant information for your course:

  1. Start at the Library Catalogue and select Title Search from the dropdown menu.
  2. Input your Course Code e.g. DT555
  3. Choose from the list of links to exam papers, program docs etc.



eJournals and Magazines

  • So why use Journals? Journals contain academic research which is not found in textbooks. Information is published on a monthly or weekly basis and consists of reports on current research by qualified experts in the field. Magazines are less academic, but can be useful when learning about the culture and everyday use and idiom of a foreign language.
  • The print foreign language magazines in Kevin St Library are located in Stack 12 and the print journals are in Stack 11. The print magazines are displayed in alphabetical order and may be used in the Library only.
  • A short selection of electronic journals, magazines and newspapers include

Subject Databases

Arts & Humanities Citation Index

AHCI is a multidisciplinary database covering 1000+ journals. Topics include art, philosophy, radio, television and film, theatre, language and literature.

Irish Times

Ireland's national newspaper. Includes an Archive Section from 1996.

Nexis UK

International newspapers and magazines including European language content:

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

An online version of the unabridged 20 volume OED.

Oxford  Dictionaries PRO

Dictionaries, thesauri and grammar support for students.

Subject databases list and link current scholarly research published in academic journals and are the ideal way to find out what’s new in your subject. Databases also link you to references and related articles and offer topic alerts and saved searches. You may need to use several to locate the information you need as no single database indexes every journal publication.

  • To access a database from outside the TU Dublin network see the Off Campus Access link.

Try the following Kevin St Library Guides to get started:

Language Portal  

Select your Language and connect to a variety of language specific dictionaries, newspapers, magazines and cultural links at the TU Dublin Language Corner.

DVDs and Audiovisual Collections 

The Library has a selection of European, English and Chinese language audiovisual material and films on DVD.

  • Browse the Kevin St DVD collection here‌
  • View the full audiovisual listing here


Browse via the eBooks link:

Citing Your Sources

Citing and referencing the information sources used in research is essential to avoid plagiarism. See the Kevin St Library Referencing and citing guide for introduction purposes. Another useful link is How to Avoid Plagiarism. Each subject has its own citation style so check with your module co-ordinator before starting to use a particular style. 

Bibliographic citation software

Various freeware options can be used to manage, cite and store your citations:
    1. Endnote Basic
    2. Zotero
    3. ReadCube
    4. Bibme 
    5. ColWiz
    6. Utopia (links pdfs to live web content)

Back Up Resources

 If you need additional resources see Using Other Libraries and Inter Library Loans for further options.

Study Skills

Textbooks relating to academic writing, study skills, assignment preparation and presentation skills are available at the 808 shelf number in BookStack 10 in Kevin St Library.  eBooks relating to writing skills are also available in the MyiLibrary collection.


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