Print Journals

The following Journals are available in print format in the Library. They are located in the Reference Room.

Journal Title Link to OPAC record 
BBC Music magazine   Catalogue Record
Brass bulletin   Catalogue Record
Brio   Catalogue Record
British journal of music education   Catalogue Record
Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education   Catalogue Record
Cambridge opera journal    Catalogue Record
Clarinet   Catalogue Record
Classical singer   Catalogue Record
Classical Music   Catalogue Record
Computing in musicology   Catalogue Record

Cumann Ceol Eaglasta na hÉireann

 Catalogue Record
Early music   Catalogue Record
European Journal of Higher Education  Catalogue Record
Flute talk   Catalogue Record
Higher education in Europe   Catalogue Record
The Horn Call  Catalogue Record
The instrumentalist   Catalogue Record
International journal of music education   Catalogue Record
Jazz Player   Catalogue Record
Jazz Times    Catalogue Record
Jazzwise magazine  Catalogue Record
The JMI : the journal of music in Ireland   Catalogue Record
The journal of musicological research    Catalogue Record
Journal of music teacher education   Catalogue Record
Journal of new music research   Catalogue Record
Journal of the Royal Musical Association    Catalogue Record
Just jazz guitar   Catalogue Record
Journal of research in music education   Catalogue Record
Music education research   Catalogue Record
Music educators journal   Catalogue Record
Music & letters    Catalogue Record
Musical quarterly  Catalogue Record
The musical times  Catalogue Record
Music teacher  Catalogue Record
Leonardo music journal  Catalogue Record
Opera  Catalogue Record
Organised sound  Catalogue Record
Organist's review  Catalogue Record
Piano  Catalogue Record
Plainsong and medieval music  Catalogue Record
Psychology of Music  Catalogue Record
R.M.A. Newsletter  Catalogue Record
Research studies in music education  Catalogue Record
Saxophone Journal  Catalogue Record
The Strad  Catalogue Record
Symphony  Catalogue Record
The Wire  Catalogue Record

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