DT571/H Exam Papers

The below versions of past examination papers are provided for information purposes only. They have not been checked against the originals for accuracy or completeness. In light of this, Dublin Institute of Technology does not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of the below examination papers. For a paper copy of the original examination paper, please contact the Examinations Office.


To access these exam papers from a computer outside of the DIT network please use the username and passwords provided here
For more details on your pin number click here and here


All papers that were sat are listed. Sometimes a paper may have been sat in Semester One during a particular academic year and may have been sat during the Summer in the following year and vice versa. If you don't see the paper you want listed during a particular exam period check the other exam period for it.

There isn't always a Supplemental Exam for a given paper. If you don't see one listed that means that there was no Supplemental Exam sat.

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