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Social Science Ebooks

These are some of the ebooks relevant to Social Science (mouse over each image to see the full title of the book). Each image is a link to the ebook record on the catalogue. Don't forget that when you do a general search on the catalogue your results will also include ebooks. When you click on the link you will be brought to the catalogue record for that book. If you click on the link in this record while on campus you will be brought directly to the fulltext ebook. If you click on the link while off campus you will be asked for your Student number and library PIN. Once you have accessed the ebook you can then save pages, print them off, or simply read directly from the screen.

Please be aware of Copyright law- you are only allowed to print/download 10% of any book.

All of our ebooks have multi-user licenses which means that they can be accessed by up to 3 users at a time. Don't forget to logout when you are finished looking at an ebook as this will free it up for the next person.



For more general information about DIT ebooks please see the Ebooks page on the library website.