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Social Science Exam Papers

The below versions of past examination papers are provided for information purposes only. They have not been checked against the originals for accuracy or completeness. In light of this, Dublin Institute of Technology does not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of the below examination papers. For a paper copy of the original examinatino paper, please contac the Examinations Office.

Click on your course title to link to the exam papers.

DT531   BA Socal Care Practice (Older People)

DT561   BA Social Care Practice (In-Service)

DT571   BA Social Care

DT571H BA Social Care Progression

DT572   BA Early Childhood Education

DT572A BA Early Childhood Education (Flexi)

DT576   MA Child, Family and Community Studies (full-time)

DT577   MA Child, Family and Community Studies (part-time)

DT9003 MA Social Care Leadership and Management

DT9016 MA Mentoring, Management & Leadership



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