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Social Science Print Journals

Journals by Subject Area

Click on each Catalogue Record to see all the journals that we have available in print format under that subject heading, or click on the A-Z lists of titles further down. All print journals are located along the right hand side of the library. The most recent issues are on the display shelves. Any older issues are bound in hardback books at the start of the Journals section.*

Subject Area Link to OPAC records
Books Catalogue record
Communication Catalogue record
Drama Catalogue record
Early Childhood Catalogue record
Education Catalogue record
Learning Disabilities Catalogue record
Older people Catalogue record
Psychology Catalogue record
Social Policy Catalogue record
Social Work Catalogue record
Sociology Catalogue record

Journals by Title A-Z

Journals A-Ch Journals J-J
Journals Cl-E Journals K-Z
Journals F-I  

*Please note that some back issues, mostly those over 5 years old, are in storage off campus and may take up to 2 days to retrieve. These particular titles will be marked on the catalogue.