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Ordering Items

We develop our collections to support the curriculum and to enable learning and research. Send your course or module reading list to your specialist librarians along with student numbers, and we'll look after the rest.

Students can suggest book purchases by:


Click on a question below to view the answers:

You can suggest book purchases by:

Fill in as many details as possible in the form, and include any useful information in the Additional Information box.

Please note:

  • Titles suggested for purchase will be considered by the library staff at each library.
  • Items should be relevant to the subject area of the library. Titles suggested because of purely personal interest will not be considered.
  • The library reserves the right to allocate funds for the purchase of course materials first.
  • If the book is on order for the library, you should be able to search the catalogue for it and an order date will be displayed.


Typically, the number of books ordered is based on the number of students registered for a particular module or class.

Book numbers can also be limited depending on the cost, availability, format.

You can order books any time throughout the year. If you’re ordering for a module, submit your reading list early to allow sufficient time for the books to come into stock.