LLB - Bachelor of Laws (Advanced Entry - part-time)

Course Description

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The Department of Law at the DIT is delighted to offer a part-time level 8 advanced-entry LLB Bachelor of Laws programmes for graduates holding a level 7 degree in Law (or the equivalent).

What is the format of the degree?

The LLB comprises 60 credits of learning at NQAI level 8. This will require the completion of modules amounting to 60 ECTS credits, in other words six 10 credit modules.

The modules that we propose to offer in 2017/18 are:

  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Criminology
  • Employment Law
  • European Human Rights Law
  • Evidence
  • Family Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Intellectual Property and Media Law
  • Law and Society
  • Prison Law & Prisoners Rights
  • Refugee Law

Students select 60 ECTS credits worth of these subjects for the completion of the degree.

How long will the degree take?

The degree will take a minimum of one year, part-time, though it can be taken over a longer period of time. One year full-time will require attendance on at least 3 evenings a week, for up to 12 hours per week. Two years part-time will require attendance on at least 2 evenings per week for up to 6 hours per week.

We recommend strongly, based on experience, that students working full-time or with other significant commitments take the programe over a minimum of 2 years.

When will it commence?

The degree programe for 2017/18 will commence in September 2017.

When will it be offered?

The programe will be offered in the evenings, from 6-9, Monday through Thursday.


Tutorials in Administrative Law, Jurisprudence and Evidence are provided on six Saturdays during the First and Second Semester of each year.

If I’ve already done a subject as part of the BA Ord. in Law or another level 7 degree, will I be able to take the same subject again as part of the honours degree?

If you have already completed a module in a particular subject which counted towards your BA Ord. in Law, you will not be permitted to retake the same subject as part of the honours degree.

Are exemptions available in respect of subjects already completed?

Unfortunately, no exemptions are available as this is an advanced-entry programme. 

Who will be eligible for the degree?

The degree is designed as a supplement to the DIT BA Ord. in Law, allowing students to upgrade to a level 8 qualification in law.

In order to be eligible, applicants must have at least a level 7 degree in Law (or the equivalent in content and standard) to at least a 2.2 standard (or equivalent e.g. lower merit). This entails obtaining an overall average of 50% or higher in DIT BA Ord examinations. Both the DIT BA Ord. in Law and the DIT Diploma in Legal Studies meet the requirements for entry. Regardless of the title of the qualification, applicants will not be eligible unless the applicant has already attained a level 7 DIT degree in law or legal studies or the equivalent.

Graduates of level 7 qualifications which are equivalent in standard and content to the DIT BA Ord in Law may be eligible to apply where law comprises a substantial portion of the curriculum (at least 60 credits in law or legal studies) – this includes graduates of the DIT BSc. Management and Law and of the level 8 DIT B.Sc. Business and Legal Studies.  The decision as to whether a programme is equivalent will be made by the Department of Law. 

Please note that entry will be competitive – eligibility will not guarantee a place.

In this regard, it is important to note that the LLB subjects will necessarily demand a higher level of learning outcomes than those comprising the current BA. As such, students who have experienced difficulties on the BA may wish to consider carefully whether they wish to enroll on the LLB.

What are the entry criteria?

Academic performance on the BA (or equivalent degree) is the key factor in determining whether a student will be admitted to the LLB. Students will be ranked in accordance with numerical results on the BA Ord./Diploma. Motivation is another key factor.

Will exceptional entry be available?

Applications for exceptional entry (that is, those who do not meet the normal entry criteria) will more than likely not be entertained.

How many places are there?

Subject to availability of space, up to 50 places will be available each year. Please note that entry will be competitive – eligibility will not guarantee a place.

What is the likely fee?

The fee for each student depends on the number of modules selected by that student in any one year.  The fees for 2016/17 are set out below. These fees are subject to change in 2017/18 and subsequent years:

  • 1 module €910
  • 2 modules €1,645
  • 3 modules €2,265
  • 4 modules €2,965
  • 5 modules €3,670
  • 6 modules €4,385

PLEASE NOTE: The DIT Graduate Network discount DOES NOT apply to this programme

When will applications be accepted?

We are currently accepting applications; applicants should submit their application as soon as possible, as places are likely to be filled. Applicants applying now should also note that they may not receive notification of the outcome of their application until late August. 

What if I don’t yet have my results for the BA Ord.?

Where results are pending, applicants will not be offered a place until results are available but may be made an offer conditional on obtaining specified results.

How do I apply?

Please contact for an application form or telephone 01 402 7181. Applications should ideally be accompanied by a copy of your transcript of results for the BA Ord. in Law or other qualification in law.

Please send your application directly to: Department of Law, DIT, Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

The deadline is the 31st August 2017.

Canvassing is strongly discouraged – the Department of Law will not entertain canvassing by or on behalf of applicants. We are nonetheless happy to answers students’ questions about the programme.

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