Diversity and Equality in Early Childhood Education and Care in Ireland

Ongoing PHD Projects

Adeyemi Adekanle, PhD Candidate


The choice of a police career by black ethnic minority in Ireland: The concepts of trust and legitimacy in decision-making



Valerie Bonin, PhD Candidate


Relations between the entrepreneurial diaspora and the homeland : the case of the French entrepreneurs in Singapore.




Andrew Bray, PhD Candidate

Re-Modeling the Oberstown Children Detention Campus:  How does the change in the focus of offender management impact on the existing historical child-care habitus?




Margaret Fingleton, PhD Candidate

An examination of migrant women?s experiences of higher education studying Social Care 



Maura Finnie, PhD Candidate

Policing, accountability, and legitimacy: controversy, change and culture in A Garda Síochána


Anne Fitzpatrick, PhD Candidate


Intergenerational learning - an investigation into the concept, role and potential of intergenerational learning in Irish early childhood education services leading to the development of a framework for IG practice.




Norma Kennedy, PhD candidate 

Reducing crime and repairing harm: The role of the Family Conference in responding to youth crime



‌Jennifer McGarr, PhD candidate


Women and displacement; the experiences of refugee and asylum seeking women in Ireland.




Caitriona McGrattan, PhD candidate


Defining the Student Experience: how the concept of the Student Experience is understood at Irish Universities.




Anna Maria Mullally, PhD candidate


Into the Blue: Women, Bathing and Gender Power Balances in 20th Century Ireland.



Cathrina Murphy, PhD candidate

Investigating the ?social club? model:  how day care can be developed in Ireland to promote the social integration of older adults


 Colette Murray

Colette Murray, PhD candidate


Diversity and Equality in Early Childhood Education and Care in Ireland


Miriam O'Regan, PhD candidate


Towards professional childminding in Ireland: Attitudes to regulation and support  for high quality home-based childcare


Jan Pettersen, M Phil candidate

ICT in the early years - a study into the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in Irish pre-school settings


Artur Pylarz, PhD Candidate

Crime, Risk and Resilience in the Countryside: Governing Rural Security



Jason Quinn, PhD candidate


Being and Becoming Secure: Investigating and Exploring the Security Habitus




Fiona Walshe, PhD candidate

Professionalisation of the social care sector



Debbie Vaughan, M Phil candidate

Positioning social care: How policy and media discourses position care providers and recipients



Rhona McGinn, PhD Candidate


An Analysis of Professional Development and Learning to Support Enhanced Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education



Talib Al Kharousi, PhD Candidate

Towards the Development of a Balanced Legislative Framework for Consumer Data Protection in Electronic Commerce:  The Case of the Sultanate of Oman


‌ laurence-paveaus-260x154

Laurence Paveau, PhD Candidate


The development of beauty standards through fashion: A figurational perspective