LTTC Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Short Courses 2015-16

CPD Modules for 2015-16 - including a new CPD on Academic Leadership in Learning, Teaching and Assessment

The following modules are being offered by the LTTC as stand alone Postgraduate CPD short modules. Credits from these modules can contribute towards our Postgraduate Programmes - PG Diploma and MA in Higher Education and MSc in Applied ELearning. See associated links for further details. 

To Apply: You must complete the online application form at least one week prior to module commencement: Online CPD Application Form

Fees: The fees for these CPD modules for 2015/16 are: €330 for 5 ECTS modules; €660 for 10 ECTS modules and exception €975 for TELTA.

DIT Staff Fee Waiver: If you are a DIT staff member i.e. with current staff number, you may be eligible for a DIT Staff Fee Waiver. Please read the DIT Fee Waiver Policy and complete the associated Fee Waiver Application Form‌ if applicable.

If you have any queries relating applications and associated registration, please contact Linda Boyd Ext 7875 (linda.boyd@dit.ie).

Supervising UG Dissertations & Projects

Are you keen to either develop or refine your skills in undergraduate supervision? Undoubtedly, the quality of supervision is the most important element of the undergraduate dissertation process, so we all want to support our students as effectively as possible.

Therefore this module will include strategies for supervisor development at all levels of experience and aims to deepen and extend the study and exploration of good supervisory practices at undergraduate level. All classes are research-enlightened, and will use new ideas, discussion, and interactive activities, as well as sharing peers’ experience-informed good practice in effective undergraduate supervision across the disciplines.

Draft dates: Wed, Jan 20th and Tuesdays March 1st, 8th & 15th 

Times: 10am-1pm. Venue: LTTC 5th Floor, Aungier St. 

Read more: CPD - Supervising UG - 2016 Info Sheet


Learning, Teaching and Assessment 

New to teaching in higher education? Want to try out something different in your teaching? Facing new challenges such as increasingly diverse student groups or large class sizes? Think another approach might be of benefit, but not sure which one to select?

This short module is designed for new staff or those who have been teaching for a number of years and who are interested in taking a fresh look at their teaching practice. If you don’t have time to commit to a Postgraduate Diploma or Masters programme but would like to have the opportunity to develop your teaching skills and explore new practical ideas you can try out as part of a group – why not sign up for this 5ECTS CPD short module? The module is based around two participative workshops and online activities. On completion of this short module, exemptions may be given to those wishing to advance to the Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching in negotiation with the Diploma co-ordinator.

This CPD in learning, teaching and assessment has been delivered to DIT staff and externally to lecturers, teachers and educational support staff in other educational institutions, including the Law Society. The course timetable and sessions can be made appropriate and individualised to the participants involved.

Schedule: 2 full days with online activities.
Semester 1: Thursdays, full day on Jan 21st (10-5) and March 31st (10-5) which includes micro-teaching. Online activities will also be central to participation in this module. 

Times: 10am-5pm. Venue: LTTC 5th Floor, Aungier St.

Further information is available from the CPD - LTA Jan March 2016 Info Sheet

Contact Orla Hanratty (orla.hanratty@dit.ie) to discuss this programme.



Assessment and Feedback

Do you feel your current assessment methods are being challenged by increased numbers or diversity of student skills within your classes?  Would you like to make research informed changes to the way you assess and provide feedback to your students?

Processes around assessment are a key task of lecturers. Assessment determines what, when and how students spend their study time with feedback being demonstrated as having a major impact upon the resultant quality of their learning.  This module will provide you with the opportunity to explore the nature of assessment and feedback within an HE context.  Drawing upon relevant theory and shared knowledge, participants will develop skills to be able to reflect upon their current assessment and feedback practice and to undertake a module assessment redesign.

Draft dates: Jan 26th, Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Times: 10am-1pm. Venue: LTTC 5th Floor, Aungier St. 

Read more: CPD_AssessmentFeedback_InfoSheet



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Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching & Assessment (TELTA)

Given the increasingly pervasive adoption of technology in life and learning, this fully online module will give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in both existing and emerging learning technologies. A unique approach will be taken to this module in that participants will be required to set their own personal learning objectives at the outset, thereby enabling them to reflect on the weekly topics from their own professional perspectives. This approach will also give participants the opportunity to develop their personal learning networks as they discuss meaningfully, with like-minded peers, how best technologies could be utilised to enhance learning, teaching and assessment experiences. Aimed at participants from both public and private sectors, the module has the added advantage of giving participants the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an online student. Building a community is crucial to the online experience: taking this into account, participants will be required to partake in weekly webinars and actively contribute to online discussions and collaborative activities which will run each week for the duration of the module.

This module will commence on Wednesday October 21st 2015 with weekly lunchtime webinars.

Find out more on the module website.


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Academic Writing and Publishing

There are ever increasing pressures on academics to undertake research and to publish both in their own disciplines and in higher education pedagogy/practice/policy.  By providing key knowledge and support to those interested in publishing in teaching, learning or eLearning professional practice, this module will enable participants’ work to become the focus of a form of sustained inquiry, leading towards publication. Through exploration of a wide variety of practical academic writing tools, the intention is to progress well planned research work along the road to publication. Key to participant success will be honing written and oral communications skills through extensive writing practice and presentation in a selected area of their choice. Principles of academic writing will be investigated along with the necessary skills of information literacy; there are two practical and useful outputs from the module – each participant will write a paper for publication in a peer reviewed journal and make a conference presentation.
We provide everything you need to write consistently and productively: structure, guidance, accountability, coaching feedback, interactivity with peers, and more!

Schedule: Tuesdays late Oct and every month until early March and the Graduate Conference in mid May.

Dates: Oct 20 (10am-5pm), Oct 27th ( 2-3:30pm), Nov 17th (10am - 1pm), Dec 15 (10-4pm), Jan 19 (10-1pm), Feb 23 (2-5pm) or Mar 1st . Graduate Conference May 12th (as part of LTTC Showcase).

Times: vary as above. Venue: LTTC 5th Floor, Aungier St. 

Read more: Academic Writing and Publishing - Info Sheet


Higher Education Policy

Would you like to know more about HE policy development within a national and international context? Heard about the Hunt report, Bologna Process and HEA Institutional performance compacts but not sure how they might impact upon local strategic decisions and resourcing?

This module provides an overview of key policies and policy frameworks of relevance to the HE sector. Sessions are structured around guest speaker presentations, case studies and lively discussion. Participants will have an opportunity to develop a personal perspective on a selected range of HE policy issues of relevance to their own working context. 

Speakers confirmed for this year include:  Prof Brian Norton, (President of DIT),  Lewis Purser, (Director, Academic Affairs, Irish Universities Association), Brigid McManus, (former Secretary General, Dept. of Education & Skills), Prof Ellen Hazelkorn, (Policy Advisor to the Higher Education Authority,  Prof Sarah Moore (Chair, National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning) Jacinta Stewart (Chief Executive, CDETB), Orla Christle (Senior Policy Analyst, National Office for Access into Higher Education)

Schedule: Tuesday mornings late Oct to early Dec.

Draft Dates: Oct 27; Nov 3, 10, 24; Dec 1, 8. 

Times: 10am-1pm. Venue: LTTC 5th Floor, Aungier St. 

Further information is available from the HE Policy Info Sheet - 2015


NEW Academic Leadership in Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Are you in an academic leadership role? Do you have responsibility for making decisions related to programme design, development and management? Would you like to find out more about key educational theories, policies and research to help inform decision making processes?

This practice based module is tailored to meet the needs of Heads of School/Assistant Heads of School in their role as academic leaders, decision makers, strategic planners and managers within a teaching, learning and assessment context.  The CPD will focus on key strategic themes aligned with meeting current HEA/DIT Compact targets, e.g. flexible learning, technology enriched learning, assessment and feedback practice and the transition into HE/first year experience.

The short course provides participants with opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge and approaches to lead their staff through programmatic review and redesign processes, to evaluate strategy effectiveness in both meeting targets and to better cater for the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.

There is some flexibility built into the sessions in order that participants can develop topics of particular interest and/or the programme team can be responsive to issues, challenges as they emerge.

Schedule: One half day – 2-4 pm Wed 24 June. Three one day workshops 09 – 11 and 11.15 -1 Thurs 24 Sept, Thurs 1 Oct. and Thurs 29 Oct. Two one hour lunchtime Webinars during Sept/Oct Further information is available in the CPD Academic Leadership in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Info‌ Sheet

Learning Theories 

Would you like to know more about applying key learning theories to your instructional practices? Are you keen to explore how you can be more effective in your work if you teach in ways that are compatible with the natural processes of learning? Would you like to organize your teaching environment to provide students with active, hands-on learning and authentic tasks and audiences?

This module is all about sharing ideas on learning to help you as an instructor make sense of what is going on in your classrooms and provide lenses for understanding students’ growth, development, stumbling blocks, and successes.

Schedule: Tuesday mornings mid Sept to mid Oct.

Dates: Sept. 15, 22, 29; Oct 6, 13.

Times: 10am-1pm. Venue: LTTC 5th Floor, Aungier St.

Further information is available from the Info Sheet_Learning Theories_Sept_2015

Other CPD Modules which run every second year

Creativity and Critical Thinking in HE

Would you like to be more creative in how you facilitate learning in your classroom? Indeed, would you like your students to be critical thinkers and use their creativity in more productive ways in their learning?

We all know that critical and creative thinking are integral to activities that require our students to think broadly and deeply using skills, behaviours and dispositions such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation in all learning areas in third level education and in their professional lives beyond. This fully interactive and activity-driven module explores a wide range of creative & critical tools & media to let you experience for yourself the benefits of being a more confident, creative and autonomous problem-solver and thinker, so you can try these out with your own students in the future. 

Read more: CPD_Creativity_CriticalThinking_InfoSheet

This module will run in early 2017


Supporting Virtual Communities

If you are moving towards some form of online teaching in the future and would like to experience for yourself what it is like, without having to jump in at the deep end, then this is the module for you! For even the most experienced classroom teacher, teaching online requires a thoughtful transition to the new environment.

This module will provide such practitioners with the knowledge, competencies, experience and confidence to perform the complex role of an eTutor in an online setting. It will explore how best to prepare to teach online, how to build a learning community among your students & how best to support and communicate with them, how to identify a successful online learner, how to maintain a realistic workload – all using exciting and innovative tools & media.

This module will run again in early 2017

Read more: CPD_SupportingVirtualCommunities_InfoSheet



News: There were 145 participants in the CPD modules since January 2013. CPD certificates for this year's modules were presented at the Graduate Conference on June 16th, 2015.