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1 Assessing pre-lecture knowledge: preparing and introducing students to lectures M. Seery    
2 Peer interviewing: student groups reflect on own work by examining that of others E. Fallon,
S. Walsh
3 Audio feedback: increase time efficiencies and provide asynchronous student feedback D. Hooper    
4 Embedding/ assessing IL skills in 1styear: aiming to increase student engagement/retention  M. O’Rawe  
5 Paper based MCQs for formative feedback: identifying student misconceptions A. O’Dwyer    
6 Providing formative feedback within ‘crits’ : enhancing student learning experience C. Prunty,
M. Crean
7 Ask the audience: creating an interactive classroom to engage students B. Ryan    
8 Formative feedback Strategies to enhance learning B. Carolan    
9 Online diagnostic assessment methods: identifying misconceptions in Maths M. Carr  
10 Clickers for diagnostic testing: helping students identify areas of difficulty M. Seery  
11 Using group based projects in wikis Fostering collaborative group learning J. Kelly    
12 Structured reflective blogging activities: Encouraging reflective practice M. Crehan    
13 Formative assessment methods to deepen student learning A. O’Donnell    
14 Using clickers in the classroom to enhance student engagement M. O’Keeffe    
15 Using formative assessment grids: Increasing transparency in assessment practice N. Fitzpatrick    
16 An alternative laboratory assessment strategy to improve scientific report writing B. Ryan    
17 Providing feedback in PBL: developing student personal skills G. Duffy  
18 Technology based formative assessment: motivating and enhancing student learning M. Murphy  
19 Using wikis to support assessment through collaboration and feedback C. McDonnell