How to add individual students to your Webcourses module.

You need to have the student name or number and the student needs to already exist in the webcourses global database (i.e. exist in webcourses even if he / she doesn't have access to a particular webcourses module).

  1. From the control panel, click ‘users and groups’ / ‘users’
  2. Click the button ‘enrol user’ from the top of that page
  3. From the drop-down menu that appears, choose ‘find users to enrol’
  4. If you know the student’s student number (or the staff members staff number), type it into the ‘username’ field (if you wish to enrol more than one student, just separate the student numbers with a comma)
  5. If you do not know the student number (staff number) then choose the ‘browse’ button and search for the student using the search fields. Once you have found them, choose the checkbox beside their name and click ‘submit’. (if you can’t find them then they don’t have an account in webcourses, usually because they have  not completed registration)
  6. Their student number/staff number will now appear in the username field.
  7. Choose the appropriate role (student or instructor etc)
  8. If you want them to access the module immediately, leave the ‘enrolment availability’ at ‘yes’. Change it to ‘no’ if you don’t want them to access it until a later date.
  9. Click submit

If you have any problems email