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New to Webcourses

This section is for new users or staff who want to reaquaint themselves with webcourses. Check out the below guides for more information ↓

  • What is webcourses and what can you do with it?
  • Webcourses Interface & Terminology
  • How do I set up, access and logon to webcourses?
  • How do I get a new webcourses module setup?
  • How do students access my module?
    Self Enrol & Adding an Individual user
  • How can I tell which students are enrolled on my module?
  • What training for webcourses is available?

Working with content

This section covers working with content within webcourses, such as adding files, videos, folders and more. ↓

  • Adding a description of the module
  • What is the best structure for my webcourses module?
  • I have some lecture notes I would like to make available to students online
  • Embedding videos / images using a mashup tool
  • What do my students see? How do I check that my module is available to students?
  • Setting the first page students see
  • Interacting with Students

How do I Assess & Grade in Webcourses 

This section covers the essentials for the middle of semester such as creating assignments and using Safe Assign (which is a built in plagarism tool) ↓

  • How do I set create an assignment dropbox / Use SafeAssign?
  • How to Create a Rubric?
  • How to create a Quiz / Test / MCQ
  • How do I review Tests /Quizzes / MCQs?
  • How to show & hide student results?
  • Downloading the Grade Center
  • Advanced Grade Centre: Tips & Tricks

General Webcourses Admin

This section covers the essentials for the end of semester such as Q6A information, module back up and analytuics ↓

  • Q6A: What is it & how to use it?
  • How do I backup my module?
  • Retention Centre: What is it and to use it?
  • User & Course Reports
  • Creating Student Groups

Communicating & Collaborating

This section covers the various tools within webcourses that will allow for communicating and collaboration. ↓

  • How to send an email in webcourses?
  • How to set up a Discussion Board?
  • How to Create & Edit Wikis?
  • How to Set up a Journal?
  • How to Set up a Blog?
  • How to send out an Announcement?
  • How to use Module Calender?
  • How to use Collaborate Ultra?

PLEASE NOTE: If your query is not answered by one of the above guides, all requests must be logged via our eLearning Request. All queries will be dealt with in rotation.