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Please see our Guidebook 2016/2017 for more information about Ireland, Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology, College of Business

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If you wish to come to study at DIT, please contact first the International Coordinator at your Home Institution who will nominate you and assist you in the application Process

  • EUROPEAN STUDENTS - ERASMUS Programme: please click here and contact the European Student Officer at erasmus@dit.ie
  • NON EUROPEAN STUDENTS - EXCHANGE Programme: please click Application Form 2016/2017 and contact the International Project Manager of the College of Business at sara.galletti@dit.ie
    Deadline for Submission: Semester 1/Full Year   30.05.2016
                                          Semester 2                 30.10.2016    



DIT Degrees are based on a 3 or 4 year programmes of study.
Students take a planned set of core and optional modules on a year by year basis. Unlike other countries, an Irish Students has a defined path of study set out from the start.
Each Programme is managed as a coherent offering by the School/Department within the College.

Full-time students are required to study 60 European credits (ECTS) per year - 30 per semester

PROGRAMME = Degree - it could be 2, 3 or 4 years long

MODULE = subject - usually a module which is worth 5 ECTS has 2-3 contact hours per week

As an Exchange (NON EU)/Erasmus (EU) student you can choose from across different programmes and leves.

Since you are allowed to choose from across different programmes, you will notice that in the Module Catalogues the same module is offered various times - this is to give you a wider range of choice in terms of schedule

There are more than 300 modules in our Module Catalogue on offer to you as a Visiting student.