Paul Donnelly


Research Fellow

Organisation Studies and International Business

College of Business
Dublin Institute of Technology

Rm (3-062)

p: (+353-1) 4023182




PhD (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA); MBA (TCD); BA (TCD); GradDipMM (DIT); DipPR (PRII); CDipAF (ACCA)

PhD (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA); MBA (TCD); BA (TCD); GradDipMM (DIT); DipPR (PRII); CDipAF (ACCA)

Dr. Paul Donnelly joined Dublin Institute of Technology in 2004, following his move from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA.  Prior to moving to the US to study for his PhD, he worked in various roles (head of customer relations, head of internal communications, executive assistant to the commercial director and business analyst) with Telecom Éireann (now eircom).

On the teaching front, Paul taught in the areas of principles of management, organisational behaviour, human resources management, behaviour in the global economy, and introduction to global business at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  He currently teaches in the areas of organisation behaviour and theory, strategic management, negotiation, ethics, and global marketplace at DIT.  He also mentors DIT undergraduate teams for a number of student business competitions: the Newstalk Student Enterprise Competition, of which the team were national winners in 2011 and placed second nationally in 2007; the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award, of which the team placed second nationally in 2009; and the Network of International Business Schools Case Competition.

In terms of research, Paul’s interests revolve around the following areas (and he welcomes expressions of interest from prospective MPhil/PhD students in these or related areas):

  • Taiwan’s path to ‘tiger hood’:- Seeking to trace Taiwan’s path to economic/industrial development through following the creation and reproduction of an economic/industrial development institutional matrix that, ex ante, could not have been predicted when it was first established.
  • Work, sociality and citizenship in crisis:- Collaborating with colleagues Miguel Imas (Kingston University, London), Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo (London School of Economics), Maria Daskalaki (Kingston University, London), Maria Simosi (University of the Aegean, Greece), and Lucia Sell-Trujillo (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain) on research with roots in the European economic crisis. With a focus on what is happening in Ireland, Greece and Spain, the research is interested to understand the experiences and life conditions of people/communities struggling in the face of crisis and its effects, along with following grass roots responses to crisis, where people/communities are developing creative and sustainable responses to our current global socio-economic model of work and organisation, which can benefit them, their communities and organisations. Of particular interest at this stage of the research endeavour is creative resistance, alternative ways of organising, necessity entrepreneurship, psychological contract, and identity work.
  • New/alternative ways of organising:- Collaborating with colleagues Miguel Imas (Kingston University, London) and Jennifer Manning (DIT) on research in Ireland and Guatemala exploring new/alternative, more sustainable (socially, economically and environmentally) organising possibilities.
  • Postcolonial perspectives on international business and development:- Collaborating with colleague Banu Özkazanç-Pan (University of Massachusetts at Boston) on research problematizing such areas as knowledge transfer and international development to offer new directions for understanding and studying same from postcolonial perspectives.
  • Elite formation:- Collaborating with colleagues Brendan O’Rourke and John Hogan (DIT) to study the way political representation in Ireland and Britain is funnelled through different institutions of elite formation.
  • Critical thinking and management education:- Collaborating with colleagues John Hogan and Sharon Feeney (DIT) on the use of freehand drawing, both as pedagogical tool to engage critical thinking and as data source to engage in critical analyses of knowledge.

To date, he has produced the following outputs:

  • Published articles in peer-reviewed international journals: 6.
  • Edited special issue of a peer-reviewed international journal: 1.
  • Edited peer-reviewed books: 2.
  • Published peer-reviewed book chapters: 8.
  • Published papers in international peer-reviewed conference proceedings: 5.
  • Presented papers at international peer-reviewed conferences: 37.
  • Organised symposia at international peer-reviewed conferences: 3.
  • Organised/participated in international research workshops/seminars: 4.

Paul is a College of Business Research Fellow, a Taiwan Fellow and a Fulbright Fellow.  He is also a recipient of the Irish Management Institute’s Sir Charles Harvey Award and Trinity College Dublin’s John Good Prize for Best MBA Student.

Finally, Paul is active in service, both within DIT (e.g., Academic Council, College Board, various Institute and College policy and programme committees) and externally (e.g., President Emeritus of the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association, former fundraising officer and board member of the Ireland United Stares Alumni Association, former board secretary of the European Network of American Alumni Associations, judge of the Undergraduate Awards, and panel chair/member of the Irish Fulbright Awards).