DIT MBA Induction





Your DIT MBA journey begins with an induction module, which takes place over the course of a weekend in early September.  This programme has been designed to help you to familiarise yourself with the College, with staff and most importantly to help you build connections with your new classmates.  We know that returning to a formal education environment can be a daunting experience and the induction module will help you with this transition.  

The program includes a variety of activities such as team-building, workshops, lectures and a social gathering and overnight stay at a hotel in Co. Kildare. 

Prior to attending the induction, you will have the opportunity to complete your NEO PI- R Personality Profile; the NEO PI-R is internationally recognised as the ‘gold standard’ instrument with which to measure personality. During the induction, you will work with Dr. Serge Basini, an expert in the use of NEO PI-R personality profiling. The ultimate aim of this session is to equip you with an understanding of various personality types, including your own, and to improve your communication style through focusing on your strengths.