Semester 1




12 weeks of teaching.

(13 weeks including induction).

Start of September to early December.

Combination of continuous assessment (group & individual) and some exams.

Exams in early January. All Semester exams take place in the evening.




Financial AnalysisUnderstand the application of core accounting standards to financial transactions and events. Begin to critically analyse and appraise status and content of the narrative elements of an annual  report.

Marketing - Understand the role of marketing in the successful operation and leadership of a business. Develop a critical awareness of current issues in traditional and digital marketing.  Cultivate team skills in analysis, strategy and effective presenting. 

Economics for Managers - Consider the strength and limitation of the market paradigm. Understand and apply economic concepts to your business.  Learn methods of measuring economic activity and appraise macroeconomic information. Analyse how a company or sector is affected by the operation of local, regional and national markets. 

Data Analytics - Develop an understanding of a variety of predictive techniques using industry-standard (but highly accessible) purpose-designed software, geared to the special nature of ‘Big Data’. Develop skills in the use of data and models to support decision making in business. Explore underlying statistical/ probability theory in a practical and user-friendly lab environment.