Semester 3




12 weeks of teaching.

Start of September to early December.

Combination of continuous assessment (group & individual) and some exams.

Exams in early January. All Semester exams take place in the evening.

International Study Visit usually takes place mid Semester 3.




Strategic HRM - Examine the rhetoric and reality of HRM strategies from the senior management, line management and employee perspective.  Develop conflict resolution capabilities and negotiation skills.  Understand how to manage change relating to HR issues of mergers and acquisitions and internationalisation. Examine the relationship between HRM and corporate social responsibility, ethics and sustainability. 

Innovation & Commercialisation - Understand the strategic and managerial aspects of innovation spanning strategic integration and organisational alignment through to commercial execution.  Develop an understanding of innovation as a business process. Learn to distinguish approaches in innovation in small and large organisations. 

Strategic Operations Management - Understand the role of operations management as a cost reduction tool and capability developing mechanism. Gain critical awareness of current strategic operation issues and acquire new insights to propose effective business solutions.  Apply concepts and techniques of operations management in developing company strategy.  

Strategic Management - Learn to interpret and evaluate the concepts of strategic management, and their relationship to senior management decision making.  Integrate strategic management thinking and practice across a range of disciplines and functions. Develop the expertise and judgement to devise a strategic plan for an organisation.