Semester 4




12 weeks of teaching.

End of January to late April/early May.

Combination of continuous assessment (group & individual) and some exams.

Exams in mid May All Semester exams take place in the evening.

Work on Consultancy Project throughout Semester 4 and submit in early September.


Two Core Modules:


Globalisation & Strategy - The capstone of the MBA bringing together the various facets of the programme.  Develop and extends the ability to effectively use the main analytical techniques and conceptual frameworks of strategic management in a complex global environment through the use of the case study method.  Learn to professionally diagnose pertinent business issues and suggest alternative courses of action. 

Corporate Governance & Ethics - Examine the legal, ethical, and economic responsibilities facing business leaders today.  Develop the capabilities to assess and analyse ethics, sustainability and governance issues in a wide array of situations.


Select Two of Four Elective Modules


Strategic Customer Management  - Develop an understanding of the effective management of the sales pipeline and accurate forecasting through the problem based learning method.  Understand the relationship and dynamics that exist between corporate, marketing and sales strategy. Learn to identify strategic accounts and design appropriate sales plans for them.  This module affords the opportunity to act in a consultancy capacity addressing a real company problem faced by a DIT industry partner. 

Innovation & Technology Management - Learn to maximise the contribution of R&D to a firm's strategic and commercial objectives.  Understand how enterprises can and do respond to the challenge of technology management in the context of competitive advantage and improved productivity. 

Project Management - Explore the perspectives, tools and concepts to anticipate challenges in managing real projects, and to utilise participant knowledge to create value for the organisation through effective implementation of projects.  Understand the principles of project management: Product Life Cycle, the role of project manager and the role of teams. Apply concepts and techniques to a developing company portfolio.

Enterprise Sustainability - Analyse, adapt and apply theories and models associated with the management and development of entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability and competitiveness. Have an in-depth understanding and practical application of opportunity identification and assessment planning in today's competitive business environments.