International Study Visit

Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Immersion


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The DIT MBA International Study Visit is a unique immersive experience; challenging but rewarding.

Facilitated by US Market Access Center (USMAC), MBA students engage in an Innovation Leadership Immersion Program that entails a week long exploration of business practices. USMAC provides international tech companies with fast and successful access to the US and global markets, via Silicon Valley.  Participants on the Innovation Immersion Programme gain insights in cultural, legal and political aspects of the local market, through company visits and discussions with leading academics and industry practitioners.

The central aim of the programme is to equip MBA students with the knowledge to innovate, create lean start-ups and learn to scale in the global economy.  

Through this immersive experience participants further hone their collaborative, communication and presentation skills. Students engaged with current thinking on Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Culture of Entrepreneurship, Open Innovation, Lean Start-up, Cross Cultural Communication and Building Effective Partnerships.  The students are exposed to an ethos of risk taking, growing for scale and collaboration. The cost of the International Study Visit is included in the MBA programme fee.


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Programme Objectives


  • Immersion and interaction with the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem of the world: Silicon Valley.

  • Broaden knowledge of new business models and applications.

  • Acquire the principles and fundamentals of high tech entrepreneurship as pioneered in Silicon Valley.

  • Recognise and validate the positioning of new technology products or services within the ecosystem of the Silicon Valley.

  • Exposure to and learning from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

  • Collaborate on team learning projects that imitate real-world work scenarios and also foster enduring collegiate relationships.

  • Interact with executives from multinationals and entrepreneurs’ who are defining the business landscape in Silicon Valley.

  • Meet with senior corporate executives from a variety of industries who will provide insight into common business practices in the region.  

  • Engage with local professors who will provide comprehensive and informative seminars in the areas of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.


 Learning Outcomes


On completion of the programme the participant will be able to:

  • Identify their personal growth in response to experiences in another culture that challenge their world views.

  • Analyse and evaluate an innovation ecosystem, identifying potential opportunities and report findings.

  • Create new business models.

  • Engage in new leadership practices.

  • Better appreciate social entrepreneurship.

  • Better appreciate the entrepreneurial thinking in Silicon Valley.




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