Leadership Development Programme

The DIT MBA strives to develop your essential management and leadership ability. Strong leadership depends on strong self-awareness and keen emotional intelligence. It is with this understanding that we have developed our Leadership Development Programme (LDP).

All of your modules have been designed to support the development of your soft skills; critical thinking, analytic ability, communication and negotiation. These skills are essential for senior management roles. 


Elements of the Leadership Development Programme


In addition to your core modules, participants will also engage in the following:


Personality Profiling:  Undertaking the NEO PI-R will help you to understand personality types, including your own. You will identify and improve your own communication style through focusing on your strengths.

The NEO PI-R is internationally recognised as the ‘gold standard’ instrument with which to measure personality. Working with our in-house coach you will reflect on your NEO PI-R results in confidence and will engage in follow-up one-to-one coaching sessions to build on this knowledge and devise your own professional development strategy.


Team Building:  Understanding effective team dynamics is an essential skill for any manager. Commencing at induction, MBA participants engage in an intensive set of team building activities.  Continuing in this vein, students focus on working effectively in teams for the duration of the programme.


Communication, Presentation & Negotiation Skills:  Strong, persuasive communications skills are vital for any business person. In addition, to navigate challenging situations and avail of opportunity, leaders require the ability to negotiate.  Through a number of sessions MBA participants will hone their ability to listen, understand, empathise and persuade.


Analysis:  Through engagement with both case studies and actual company challenges participants are encouraged to develop their critical thinking, analytic skills and ability to impart constructive criticism.


Career Development:  Our award winning Career Development team will deliver group and one to one sessions to assist you in identifying and achieving your personal career goals.


Health & Wellbeing:  Undertaking an MBA requires strong time management skills and through sessions focused on health & wellbeing you will be supported in ensuring you use your time to your best advantage.