About The School of Mechanical & Design Engineering

About The School of Mechanical & Design Engineering

The School of Mechanical & Design Engineering offers a range of programmes at various levels from Higher Certificate through Ordinary and Honours Degree and Master’s Degree up to PhD. The study areas within the School include Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Design; including Medical Devices and Product Design, Automation Engineering, Engineering Systems Maintenance, Energy & Systems; including Building Services Engineering.  The School provides Apprentice Education in Industrial Insulation, Metal Fabrication, Plumbing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Coded Welder Training to EN287 and ASME IX. The School is incorporates both knowledge and understanding of sustainable engineering design within its programmes. 

We have been an innovator in the development of Engineering Education within our field. We place considerable emphasis on the professional recognition of our programmes, we work closely with the relevant professional bodies, and associations to ensure our programmes are accredited in this regard.

We recognise the importance of research within the broad discipline of Mechanical and Design Engineering and promote a multi-disciplinary approach to research. We are also maintain partnerships with European and worldwide Universities and Institutes to enhance our teaching and research and opportunities for our staff, students and graduates.

One of the key points of emphasis in our educational ethos is ensuring that our students are ready to work on graduation.   On graduation, our T shaped engineers designers and technicians will have highly developed technical knowledge and fine-tuned practical skills.  In addition, they will have excellent knowledge of project management, written verbal and interpersonal communications and they will have knowledge of business structure, function and management.  They are ambassadors for our school and we know that they will achieve very highly in their chosen careers and that they will embrace the challenges involved in world class engineering and design with due care and emphasis for people our environment and our future.

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