Event Production

The Media Services team supports minor events across all DIT campuses. We provide a wide array of equipment and facilities including small scale PA systems, filming, Powerpoint and DVD projection, video conferencing and much more. The team also facilitates the co-ordination of 3rd party suppliers, including quotes and budgeting, for larger events. 

Equipment Available

Projectors and Screens

Both small portable projectors and large high lumen projectors are available to staff for events. Slide projectors may also be reserved on select campuses. Portable tripod screens can be provided in front projection only. If you require a rear projection screen, please contact us about arranging 3rd party support for your event. 

Public Address Systems

Media Services provides small portable PA systems for staff functions. These systems include speakers, wireless microphones, and cabling for connecting outside audio devices such as iPods and laptops. These systems are well suited for large meeting spaces, boardrooms, small lecture theatres, and staff canteens. If you require a high powered, multi-speaker solution for a larger event, please contact us to arrange 3rd party support for your event. 

A/V Trolleys

Audio/Visual (A/V) trolleys are available to staff on select campuses. Trolleys include television, DVD, and VHS players. Trolleys are portable and can be wheeled into classrooms as needed when reserved by lecturers at least 24-hours in advance.  

Laptop Loan

Laptops are available for short-term loan on select DIT campuses for use in classrooms that do not have a permanently installed PC. To check the availability of a PC in your classroom, please consult our campus guide. Please note that laptops are provided on a short-term loan basis only. 

Event Recording

Audio and Video recording equipment are available to staff members across all campuses. Audio solutions range from small, portable digital audio recorders to large multitrack recording solutions. Digtial cameras, Flip Cameras, and Digital Video handicams are perfect for small scale classroom recordings. Select multicam solutions are available through the Telematics facility. Please see our production page to view what editing and post-production facilities are available. 

Large Event Hire

Media Services aims to help you with all your event audio visual needs, but in certain cases, it may be necessary to involve larger production companies. In these situations, we can help you precisely determine what equipment your event requires and work with our outside partners to provide your department with affordable solutions. Please note that quotes provided by Media Services must be facilitated by your own departmental budget. Media Services does not cover the costs associated with the hire of 3rd party companies or equipment for events. 


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