Graphic Support

Media Services provides limited support and design services for graphics and digital media files used in classroom presentations. This includes files used in Powerpoint, digital signage, and academic digital media projects. Graphic designs requests for files to be used in publications, websites, or outside services as well as all major design projects should be referred to DIT Office of Public Affairs. 

Digital Signage

Digital Signage screens are an effective and engaging way to deliver information to staff and students. Whether it's advertising an upcoming event or simply informing students of a cancelled lecture, a Digital Signage display board delivers your message clearly and concisely to your target audience.

From installation to content design, Media Services can help you through the process of setting up and maintaining a Digital Signage display. Simply email a request to to start the process.

Already have a digital signage display and need help updating the content? Simply contact your local Media Services team member, and we will be with you as quickly as possible. 


Powerpoint is a powerful presentation tool available to all members of staff as part of the MS Office Software Suite. All computers in lecture halls, classrooms, and meeting spaces have Powerpoint pre-installed for staff and student use. Contact Support if you require a version installed on your local PC. 

Media Services offers a wide range of support for Powerpoint users. From technical assistance with playing a Powerpoint Presentation in a lecture hall to help with embedding digital media, we're here to help. Simply contact your local Media Services team member to arrange a support session.

Media Services (in conjunction with the Office of Public Affairs) offers a wide range of standardised DIT templates for staff use when developing content to be used outside of DIT. These templates are available for download or from your local Media Services team member.

Scanning Services

DIT is embracing the digital media revolution. As part of the initiative to incorporate new digital technology in the classrooms, most lecture spaces across all campuses now have projectors and PC connectivity. This means that older analogue technology, such as acetates and slide projectors, are being phased out. If you are still using analogue media, simply submit media transfer request along with your acetates and slides to your local Media Services team member, and we will scan and transfer the files for you. Scanned files will look exactly the same as your old media, but you will be able to incorporate the scanned versions into Powerpoint and other interactive media formats. Digital files can also be emailed to students for exam revision or uploaded to your online course content. 

If you are concerned about this process, please speak to a member of Media Services or IS about ways to transition successfully.  


Flash is a high-powered digital animation program that can be used to create innovative content for courses, Digital Signage, websites, and film projects. Media Services provides limited creative and technical support for Flash projects. Contact your local Media Services team member to discuss your options or submit a request to Support for technical assistance. 

**Please note that Media Services does not provide assistance for Flash player upgrades.**

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