Media Production

It's no secret that incorporating digital media into lectures enhances the student learning experience. The Media Services team produces high quality video and audio materials for staff member's teaching, research, or promotional needs. Our professional editing facilities and design services can produce material to suit your requirements. The team also supports staff in-classroom location recordings for the production of their own media projects. 

 Audio/Video Services

Whether it's simply capturing a clip from the Web, capturing audio of your students' oral presentations, or recording an elaborate classroom production, the Media Services team is here to help. We have multiple cameras available for booking as well as full editing suites capable of producing broadcast quality movies and HD DVDs. Simply speak to your local team member to develop a production plan to suit your project. 

Analogue Media Transfer

Still have materials on cassettes or VHS? Tired of lugging around loads of delicate slides and acetates? Let us help! We offer a wide range of digital media solutions that can be catered to meet your situational needs. Simply complete the media transfer form and submit your materials to your local technician. Please note that in some cases, it may take several days for the transfer process to take place. 

Media Replication Services

High speed duplication of non-copyrighted digital media materials is available across all DIT campuses. This includes CDs, DVDs, and digital file formats. Simply complete the media transfer form and submit your materials to your local technician. Please allow at least 48 hours for copies to be made and delivered.    


The Telematics Facility, located in Aungier Street Room 3005, is a fully remote four camera recording studio with document camera, data projector, and monitor display system. The room supports a wide range of audio visual needs, including production, editing, duplication, and voice conferencing. Contact Roy Moore to inquire about the service or make a reservation. 

Digital Signage

Limited graphic support for digital signage platforms is available from Media Services team members. Email to discuss your options.


HEAnet Media Hosting Policy

Did you know that as a DIT staff member, you have access to free media hosting from HEAnet? Taking advantage of this service is as simple as logging in with your DIT staff number and password.

Media Services is not responsible for uploading content to HEAnet.  


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