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Here you'll find a selection of introductory notes as well as some video tutorials from MathCentre

Please note that all there is also a number of revision rescources contained on the MLSC's Webcourses module, Module Title: Mathematics Learning Support Centre, Module Code: SMLC2013.



Basic Mathematics‌                                              

Fractions, lcm and percentages‌ 

Video Tutorials



Rules of arithmetic

Indices (powers)                                                                                                     

First Year Calculus


Basic Differentiation    

Basic integration

Drawing graphs

Basic functions

Introduction to complex numbers

Introduction to power series

Differentiation: chain rule

Differentiation: tangents,maxima and minima

Integration by parts

Integration by substitution

Integration by partial fractions

Introduction to differential equations

Video Tutorials

Differentiation from first principles 

Product rule

Quotient rule

Chain rule

Implicit differentiation

Maxima and minima

First year algebra


Simultaneous equations

Vectors: basis, dot and cross product

Matrices: eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Matrices: diagonalisation

Matrices: differential equations

Video Tutorials

Simultaneous equations

Solving quadratic equation

Equation of a straight line

Substitution and formulae 

First year statistics and probability


Basic concepts: mean and variance

Mode, median and frequency distribution

Scatter diagram and regression line

Introduction to probability

Maths software packages

Getting started with Derive

Getting started with Matlab


Can't find what you are looking for? Many more notes and videos can be found on the MathCentre website. Also check out our Useful Links page for additional resources.

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