Useful Links


This website contains hundreds of useful leaflets, videos and workbooks on all types of mathematics. Many of the resources used in the drop-in sessions can be found on this site. Also check out Mathtutor, which is a sister site of Mathcentre.


This website contains a large amount of excellent narrated screencasts explaining many mathematical concepts and is well worth checking out.

Khan Academy

This is an educational website which contains a vast number of short tutorials on wide range of topics.


This website contains many useful videos and other resources on the Leaving Cert Project Maths syllabus.


Here you find some video tutorials on a wide range of topics as well as many quizzes to test your knowledge with.

Statistics Glossary

A comprehensive description of numerous statistical terms.

S.O.S. Mathematics

S.O.S. Mathematics is a website that deals with most of the mathematical notions you are likely to encounter in first year.


This excellent website contains an amazing amount of maths and is worth checking, whether you’re a first year student or a postgraduate.


This is a direct link to Project Interactivate by the Shodor Education Foundation’s mathematical dictionary. This website contains a lot more than just a dictionary; it is also an educational tool.

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