DIT Nanolab

The Nanolab research centre has unparalleled expertise in state of the art nano material characterisation and the analysis of the interaction of Nanomaterials with biological systems, both mammalian and aquatic (fresh and marine water) systems. Its researchers explore standards and methods for the characterisation of nanomaterials with respect to physical, chemical and biological properties including the toxicity and biocompatibility of a variety of nanomaterials such as carbonaceous, polymeric, metallic and composite nano material systems.  

The centre’s emphasis is on establishing structure activity relationships governing particle uptake, trafficking, fate and organism response. Model systems are employed to improve fundamental understanding, to validate current and develop new biological testing protocols for nanomaterials, while real life exposure scenarios are explored to assess risk. 

Nanolab is active in promoting awareness of the impacts of nanotechnology among  stakeholders through national and international workshops as well as in pedagogical research for the advancement of education in nano sciences.

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