50th Anniversary of Professional Engineering Gala Dinner

Friday 24th October 2003

A Gala Dinner to Celebrate 50 years of Professional Engineering Education at the Dublin Institute of Technology took place at DIT Bolton Street on Friday 24th October 2003. Mr. Pat Roche of the original class of 1953 was the Master of Ceremonies. The President of the Institute, Professor Brian Norton, gave a witty and encouraging talk in which he recognised and praised the achievements of the graduates, the Institute and its staff over the years. Dr. Paul Wallace, an early Professional Engineering graduate of the Institute although not a member of the 1953 class, gave a talk in which he recalled the early days and highlighted the contributions that the graduates had made to society. Dr. Mike Murphy, Director of the Faculty of Engineering, responded to and thanked the speakers. In winding up the formalities, Mr. Pat Roche indicated that the alumni were keen to establish a prize for graduates of the Institute who intended to proceed with postgraduate work at the Instute. The evening was judged a great success by those who attended.

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