DIT helps bring Special Olympics to Ireland

Many thousands of volunteers, businesses and organisations have, through the donation of their time, money and facilities, made it possible for the Special Olympics to be held in Ireland for the first time. Amongst them is DIT which has played a significant role in the preparatory stages of the games.

The Institute has contributed computers for administration purposes and has facilitated volunteer training through the provision of rooms, and video/TV equipment. Approximately 13,000 volunteers have been trained using DIT facilities in Kevin Street, Bolton Street, Cathal Brugha Street, Aungier Street and Mountjoy Square. DIT will also be providing computer, internet and e-mail facilities in Kevin Street, each day for the duration of the Olympics, for use by participants and their families.

The lighting of the Olympic flame in Athens this week signifies the official start of the Special Olympics. In just under two weeks the teams will begin to arrive to the 160 host towns around the country, followed by the more than 20,000 family, friends and well-wishers who will travel to support them. Their arrival will be the culmination of many months of preparation by thousands of people around the country who have given freely of their time to ensure the games are a success. The Special Olympic Committee would like to congratulate and thank all DIT staff members for their generosity of time, commitment and enthusiasm in bringing the Special Olympics to Ireland

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