DIT Students complete 10k walk to raise funds for Chernobyl

13 November, 2003 - DIT students today joined 1000s of other students from every college in Ireland in a 10 Kilometre sponsored walk to raise funds for Chernobyl. DIT President, Brian Norton was on hand to see the DIT contingent off.

The annual 'Students 10k Walk', which is the biggest Annual Student Charity event in Ireland, is about students engaging with real people, particularly the people of Belarus.

The Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded in 1986, contaminating more than 70 per cent of the land. In the 15 years since the disaster, nine million people have been affected by the radiation.

The Students 10K was first started in 2000 by DIT Lecturer Joe McGrath and the USI to raise funds for the children of Chernobyl. It has grown to be the biggest annual Student Charity Event and is now being introduced to other EU countries.

Since starting the Students 10K Walk in 2000, over fifty students have visited Belarus. Students have driven ambulances across Europe in convoys loaded with aid for orphanages and hospitals. The 10K has provided funding for a whole range of projects that aid children in Belarus.

This year the students are hoping to raise a minimum of €500,000 to carry out all the projects they have targeted which include the building of a hospice for terminally ill children, incubators and foetal heart monitors for a maternity hospital, a day care centre for physically handicapped children, a rehabilitation village, music, art and physical therapy programmes for orphaned children.

Your support of this worthwhile cause would be greatly appreciated.

Please support our students by texting "Good Deed" on their mobiles and sending these two words to 57071. The donation of €5 will be added to your mobile bill and proceeds go to funding really worthwhile projects in post-Chernobyl Belarus.

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