DIT student wins World Cuisine Contest

DIT student Abigail Colleran, has won Best Commis Chef in the Bocuse d'Or, World Cuisine Contest, which was recently held in Paris. This is the first time an Irish team member has won an award at this prestigious competition. The Bocuse d'Or, which is held every two years, is the most challenging competition of its kind. The contest brings together 24 chefs and their commis whose culinary efforts are tested and critically judged by the world's most senior chefs.

Abigail Colleran, who hails from Sligo, is studying Culinary Arts in the Faculty of Tourism and Food. She is no stranger to international awards having previously won the Bailey's Eurotoque Young Chef of the Year and the Marchese 'Best Commis' Award 2002. As part of the Bocuse d'Or Award Abigail will have an opportunity to work in the restaurant of one of the previous winners of the contest. Speaking after the announcement Abigail said: "I am delighted to have won this award and very excited to have the opportunity to train in one of the best restaurants in the world. It is a great privilege."

Abigail's team mate for the competition was Lorcan Cribbin, Head Chef of Bang Café. Both Lorcan and Abigail have trained rigorously for the competition by working with the best chef's in Ireland to develop and refine their dishes.

John Howard, President of the Irish delegation to the Bocuse d'Or and Ireland's judge at the contest said: "We are very proud of Abigail; this is an excellent result for Ireland. This shows that Ireland has earned its invitation to compete among the best culinary talents in the world. Ireland is improving every time we enter this competition, and we look forward to the future."

The Faculty of Tourism and Food, and the entire Institute would like to congratulate Abigail on her great win, and wish her and Lorcan every success with their future culinary endeavours.

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