EuroSDR - a pan-European organisation locates its permanent Secretariat in Ireland.

EuroSDR (European Spatial Data Research) is a research platform for national mapping agencies, academic institutes, the private sector, industry and other groups concerned with European spatial data infrastructures vital to sustainable spatial planning and development.

Established in 1953, the original members included Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands. Membership, which is open to member states of the Council of Europe, now includes eighteen countries. Ireland became a member in 2001, represented by the national mapping agency Ordnance Survey Ireland.

The am of EuroSDR is twofold:

  • To research and develop systems for the production and dissemination of core geospatial data and information (national mapping data), and to promote the applications of all such data and information.
  • To stimulate interaction and co-operation between research organisations and the public and private sector, to exchange ideas about relevant research problems and to transfer research results obtained to geographical information (GI) production organisations.

EuroSDR is governed by a steering committee, which consists of two delegates from each member state - one from the national mapping agency and one from an educational/research institute - together with representatives from the private sector and Geographical Information user groups. The interaction between these different groups and the focus of its research on the implementation of GI technology developments make EuroSDR unique in Europe.

To manage and further develop the organisation, EuroSDR has now established a permanent Secretariat for the first time, and has chosen to locate it in Ireland, within DIT's Faculty of the Built Environment. Kevin Mooney has been appointed as its part-time Secretary-General and Helen Murray as full-time Assistant Secretary-General.

Formally announcing the relocation on 01 October 2003, Kevin Mooney said it was a great honour not only for Ireland but for DIT to have been chosen to host and manage the Secretariat. "I would like to thank the members of EuroSDR for their confidence in us, and my colleague Helen Murray and I look forward to the challenge of further developing the important work the organisation, with the help of our European colleagues."

Pictured at the signing from L to R (seated): Prof. John Ratcliffe, Director, Faculty of the Built Environment; Prof. Risto Kuittinen, President, EuroSDRL to R (standing): Kevin Mooney, Faculty of the Built Environment, Secretary-General elect, EuroSDR; Helen Murray, Faculty of the Built Environment, Assistant Secretary-General, EuroSDR, Mr. Chris Paresi, Secretary-General (outgoing), EuroSDR.

For more information on the activities of EuroSDR, please contact:


Dept. of Geomatics,
Dublin Institute of Technology,
Bolton Street, Dublin 1. Ireland
Tel. +353-1-4023730;
Fax. +353-1-4023999

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