Occupational Health Service now on offer to DIT Staff and Students

DIT is pleased to announce that the services of the Health & Safety Department have been extended to include an occupational health service. This service will be provided by three Occupational Health Nurses who will take up duty 29th September 2003. They will be based in DIT Kevin Street, Cathal Brugha Street and Bolton Street and will also make scheduled visits to neighbouring locations.

The objectives of this service will be to:

  • Provide confidential and impartial advice and support relating to any issue affecting the health and well being of staff and students.
  • Provide professional advice to the Institute on medical aspects of occupational health and related topics.

These will be achieved by:

  • Managing access to, and delivery of First Aid services;
  •  Assessing risks relating to the health of individuals and groups engaging in particular tasks e.g.
  • Manual Handling; Monitoring the health of employees on an ongoing basis through health surveillance, infection control, biological monitoring and other means;
  • Carrying out risk assessments for pregnant employees;
  • Providing training in Manual Handling;
  • Supporting the orientation of new employees in areas of Health & Safety;
  • Carrying out Visual Display equipment checks;
  • Managing Health Promotional activities designed to inform, educate and advise about occupational health issues in the workplace;
  • Providing advice to people who travel abroad;
  • Working with the Health and Safety Officer to help identify hazards in the workplace and advise on aspects relevant to health and safety legislation;
  • Conducting Safety Audits and Occupational Monitoring e.g. Audiometry Testing, Monitoring of dust, noise etc.;
  • Providing other required services, the details of which will be regularly outlined and updated on the website.

The Nurses will also liaise with the Doctors in the Medical Centres which provide a medical service to students only. They will work closely with the EAP Officer, the Staff Training and Development Officer, the Human Resources Department, the Building Maintenance Managers and the Health and Safety Officer

The Occupational Health Service will be available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Outside these hours First Aid Services will be provided by DIT staff who have volunteered and trained as Certified First Aiders. The services provided by these Certified First Aiders will be for the purposes of  "preserving life until the Emergency Services arrive" in accordance with the legislation. This is similar to the service provided in other third level Institutions.

DIT already has over 120 Certified Occupational First Aiders. The Occupational Health Nurses will liaise with the Staff Training and Development Department to organise further training of staff to ensure sufficient members of certified staff are available to support the Nurses and to assist injured persons in the event of an accident. This moral duty may be as simple as ringing for Emergency Services and staying with the injured person until help arrives.

If a situation arises where no certified First Aider is available, the manager for the area, or first person on the scene, should ensure that a person is designated to take charge of the injured or ill person until the Emergency Services arrive.

The Order of Malta has successfully been providing a service to the Institute for nearly 20years. This new service, however, will build on the services once offered by the Order of Malta by providing a wider range of proactive services, as outlined above, which will help in the prevention of work related ill health.

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