Screening of videos produced by 'Liberties' students

23rd October 2003

Videos produced by second-level students involved in the 'Liberties Learning Initiative' were officially screened today at the Digital Hub in Thomas Street, Dublin. Part of the 'Digital Beat' programme, the project is allied to DIT's Pathways to Education programme, and its aim is to encourage students to stay in school by enhancing their levels of self-esteem, motivation and confidence.

Twelve girls from Warrenmount Presentation School and fifteen boys wrom Brunswick Street School participated in the initiative. Students first attended six 90-minute sessions on digital video making, digital photography, storyboarding and image manipulation. Then, in teams of three, they created videos based around their transition from primary to secondary education and how they are dealing with it.

According to the project coordinators, 'Children, especially those from disadvantaged areas, have been known to make the decision to drop-out of secondary school only a few months after starting. This project proved extremely beneficially in that it encouraged them to remain in full-time education. The Liberties Learning Initiative is now hoping to extend the project to other schools in the area.'

Pathways through Education, part of the Community Links Programme at DIT, is an innovative programme that bases its philosophy on the fact that self-esteem is an essential foundation for:

  • making positive choices
  • effective communication
  • forming and maintain positive relationships
  • team work the acquisition of knowledge and skills

These factors not only affect students' ability to avail fully of the educational system, but are vital for life after school and in future employment. The programme works inclusively with students, staff members and parents and is fully integrated into the school system.

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