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The Beggar's Opera

a toxic new musical based on the play by John Gay

First performed in 1728, John Gay's "The Beggar's Opera" scandalised London audiences by the mere fact that an "opera" was set in the squalor of the slums and peopled by thieves, whores and beggars. Worse yet, the play attacked political corruption and social hypocrisy by satirising well-known society figures, including the Prime Minister, within this setting of depravity and criminality. Not surprisingly, "The Beggar's Opera" was hugely popular, becoming the most-performed play of the eighteenth century.

Director and designer Gerry Morgan has set this production in a post-war wasteland where law is arbitrary, loyalty is transient and life is expendable. New songs and lyrics by Eanna Hickey and David Blake provide a wry, acidic framework for this darkly comic musical.

"The Beggar's Opera" runs from the 2nd to the 12th of April 2003 at 8pm in
THEatre SPACE @ Henry Place (off Henry Street, Dublin 1).

Tickets are 12 euro / 8 euro concession.

Call the Box Office at 8729977.

Produced in association with Theatre of Joy

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