The catalogue for DIT Graduate Show 2004 has won the accolade of 'Best in Show' from a prestigious UK-based journal.  The August edition of Grafik features the catalogue and heaps praise on the two final-year students of Visual Communications who designed it.  The review says:

'Final-Year-Show season has been upon us recently.  It's a difficult crowd from which to stand out, but students from the Dublin Institute of Technology managed to do so with the creation of the DIT Graduate Show 2004 catalogue.  Designed by Johnny Kelly and Matthew Bolger, two final-year students on the DIT's Visual Communications course, the sketchbook style catalogue shows off the work of ninety-one graduates in disciplines as various as Fine Art, Furniture, Music and more.  The idea, say the designers, was to reflect the personalities of the students rather than to put their own creative stamp on it.  Grafik says job well done.'

Praise like that, from a journal focussing on 'the best in international graphic design', is praise indeed! 

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