DIT 'Early Music Week' starts on Friday 30th January

Starting on Friday 30 January five internationally renowned tutors are coming to DIT Rathmines to coach students both individually and in ensembles, to present open rehearsals and to give a concert on Friday lunchtime, 6 February, in the Theatre in DIT Rathmines. The students will also perform in Trinity College Chapel on Thursday, 5 February, at 8pm.

The full programme can be seen below - for more details please contact david.adams@dit.ie

Irish Baroque Orchestra/D.I.T.

Early Music Week

Rathmines Fri. 30 Jan - Fri. 6 Feb


Alison Browner (voice)
Monica Hugget (violin/baroque violin)
Joseph Crouch (cello/baroque cello)
Laoise O'Brien (recorder/flute)
Richard Sweeney (lute/guitar)

Provisional Timetable:

   Morning  Afternoon
Fri 30 January    

Singing workshop  2-5

Mon 2 ebruary Singing workshop10-1 Instrumental workshops  3-6
Tues 3 Feb.

Open rehearsal for Tutors' concert  11-2

Instrumental workshops  3-6

Wed 4 Feb. 

Open rehearsal for Tutors' concert  11-2

Instrumental workshops  3-6
Thurs 5 Feb   Open rehearsal for Tutors' concert

Instrumental workshops  2-4

    Concert in TCD Chapel at 8p.m., TCD Chapel Choir and DIT Early Music Ens.
Fri 6 Feb. Tutors' concert 1.10 in Rathmines Theatre  

 Admission free, all Welcome!

For more information contact David Adams: 087/2942389

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