e3 - challenging energy waste on campus

07 September 2004:

Four Dublin colleges - DCU, DIT, TCD and UCD - have joined forces to take on the challenge of energy waste on campus.  With 50% funding provided by Sustainable Energy Ireland, the colleges have formed an energy bureau - e3 - and have set targets to reduce energy consumption in designated buildings on each campus.

The overall goal of the Energy Bureau is to save €315,000 per annum in energy costs, and to prevent the emission of 3,230 tonnes of greenhouse gas. According to Richard Smith, Buildings Manager with DIT, the targets are achievable.  " While these targets may seem high, all it takes is for everyone to remember to do the small things - like switching off lights, computers, and any other electronic equipment, when you leave your office; closing the window to prevent heat loss overnight; turning down the radiator before you open a window.

"To remind everyone to play their part, DIT's Buildings Maintenance staff are carrying out an awareness campaign in each campus building, with posters on every notice board and reminder notes on the back of office doors.  Bill Hennessy, Buildings Manager in DIT Aungier Street said: "This is just the start of an awareness campaign that will continue throughout the year.  We're identifying simple ways that people can help us reduce energy waste - and we are anticipating that staff will come back to us with other suggestions themselves."

A total of 30 buildings across the four colleges have been included in the project and are being closely monitored and the output measured. DIT will be hoping to lead the way in registering the greatest amount of savings, so the message from the Buildings Maintenance staff is, whenever possible, 'SWITCH OFF"!

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